What We Do

When an organization determines they can no longer operate within the status quo—that something fundamental must change—they call us.  When their performance is at stake, when they are fighting to remain relevant, when they are struggling to effectively serve customers and constituents, they call us.  When it just isn’t working anymore, organizations call us.

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Who We Serve

Let us be frank… it is not easy to transform.  Moving beyond the status quo is no task for the feeble, weak-minded, closed-hearted or tired.  But with the right vision, conviction and approach, it can be done.  And if you’re at the point where you believe it must be done, then it’s time for us to talk.

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How We Work

Peridona is a Greek word meaning “giving plenty” and is the root word for the gemstone peridot, providing insight into one’s purpose of existence.  At Peridona Strategies we believe it is our life’s work to serve others with our talents and make organizations beyond great—to turn them into truly amazing places to work and do business with.

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What We Know

Insightful and tested ideas for creating an organizational culture that inspires employees, delights customers and fosters stellar performance.

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